1. Just like water.

  2. Me.

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    1. If you opened my chest
    2. Pulled out my heart
    3. You would see her name.
    4. Etched
    5. Sketched
    6. And stitched
    7. Into my heart
    8. 737 times over ❤️
  3. passionateing:


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  5. Just a few thoughts

    You are broken.
    You are a beautiful glass mirror.
    That was smashed into seven imperfect pieces.
    You hate your guts.
    You love everyone.
    You give piece of yourself to anyone who needs you.
    I love you.
    I’ve loved you for almost two years.
    I pushed away, because I fear being hurt.
    You’re absolutely perfect because you aren’t.
    You’re the nicest girl I have ever met.
    I crave you in the most innocent form.
    Like I’ve never craved anyone else.
    I have never seen you naked.
    Not once in my life.
    I kissed you for the first time since I meet you under a month ago.
    It was spectacular.
    I fell in love.
    I grew scared again.
    I’m in love with you, but relationships terrify my soul.

    He’s gorgeous.
    He’s been bent.
    Doesn’t seem broken.
    Definitely not perfect.
    But his smile could make me.
    We went to far.
    It hurt us both.
    Probably me, the most.

    If you’re reading this, if you know me, you know I fall for kiss and sweet hugs and simple words as calling me perf.
    He is a mystery and I can’t not pay attention.
    He’s a model in everyone’s eyes.
    I am blinded by his beauty.
    I’m blinded by the fact he is bent.
    I’m blinded by the exciting mystery.
    He is something new that can hurt me.

    You are something utterly perfect that could break my soul with one sentence. I could never risk loosing you. So please. So I can love you for the rest of forever. Let me hurt myself. Let me cry in your arms from the pain of break ups. Watch me break down. Brush my hair and hold me tight screaming “IT WILL BE OK” as the bombs and sirens go off in my head.
    I will love you forever.
    Let the others hurt me.
    I know you like to fix things.
    So let me become unbreakable.
    It’s scary to be fragile.

  8. Literally a statement I make everyday.
    I laugh it off like I’m joking.
    But honestly?
    While I’m laughing,
    I can feel my heart knot up in my chest.

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