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    Hello! Recently, I was surprised by the amount of people who come into our askbox asking about how to start a QPP with someone. Usually, the answer is “I don’t know! It depends on the person.” But this might help those of you that are shy and are not sure where to start. It can also serve as an ice-breaker.

    I tried to be as broad as possible on a tiny sheet on paper. Feel free to edit it, make changes, etc. :) I have a higher-res PNG version if you need it. Just contact me! (chekhovandowl)

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    That’s how all women should feel about their body.

    This is how everyone should feel about their body

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  3. "If you love me let me g-" don’t you dare.

    Please don’t listen to me when I scream
    ‘If you love me let me go’
    I don’t mean it.
    What I’m really screaming is
    ‘Hold me. Hold me. Hold me.’
    Baby. Baby. Baby.
    Please. I’m in lesbians with you.
    Just hold me like you did that night.
    I don’t care what happened when we were drunk.
    You can do whatever.
    I don’t care.
    Just hold me like you did…
    Once more

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    10mm ripper with #dropdown. by minguezglass http://ift.tt/1q3jTzF

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    When freshmen hack the school website

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    Mr. Rogers makes us all look terrible.

    WHYY Media

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  13. Call me a slut and tell me how you’d fuck me ;)