1. I see you

    I see you
    Just sitting there.
    So bored.
    And i can’t change it.
    Because I’m boring.
    I wish you knew the exact way I feel.
    But I don’t think you ever will.
    So I’ll just hide these feelings.
    Ill stuff them away.

  2. well i’d do it for you

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    1. Someone should just message me.
    2. You can be anon.
    3. I just want someone to talk to.
    4. Spill my guys out.
    5. Message me or kik me @Jenipenguin
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  5. well i’d do it for you

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  7. layynuhh:

    things I want to do with u

    • spoon
    • make grilled cheese
    • watch dumb movies
    • make a blanket fort
    • maybe kiss or something
    • take selfies
    • hold hands
    • dance to cute music
    • go for walks outside
    • go on adventures
    • try new things
    • star gaze
    • have awesome sex
    • be that ‘cute amazing’ couple
    • wake you up at 3am to fuck your brains out

    Except I don’t need sex to be with you cutie ❤️
    You might not know I’m talking about you but I am.

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     So close to my goal! ill follow all you guys back! -delete if you want

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    My posttt! Please don’t remove

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